A few days ago I already told you about my visit on the beach of Manly in Sydney. Today I would like to take you to another famous beach of Sydney: Bondi Beach. 


Bondi Beach Icebergs Club Pool Sunrise


My last morning in Sydney was probably the most beautiful day I had so far in my life. At five o’clock I had set an alarm to make myself still in the dark on the way from the center of the metropolis to Bondi Beach. Exactly in time for the sunrise, I finally stood at the beach, watched the surfers – who were already in the water – and photographed the athletic swimmers of the famous swimming pool Bondi Icebergs. I was not even aware how beautiful a sunrise can be! I should definitely get up early (or stay awake) more often for get a lot more experience like this.


Iceberg Club Bondi Beach Sunrise Sydney Australia Travelblog


Just before the sun was up, I stowed my camera back into my pocket and bought a ticket for the pool. It took a few hesitating seconds till I jumped into the cool water, but I finally braced myself bravely between the visibly trained swimmers. Some bars slowed, but accepted by the others, I swam happy some tracks.


Swimming Iceberg Club Bondi Beach Sunrise Sydney Australia Travelblog


Thanks to the many waves coming from the sea, the pool was raging and I was pretty well exhausted afterwards – and hungry! So I went to a cafe about that a good friend had told me a few months ago: the Porch & Parlor.

Porch Breakfast at Bondi Beach Sydney Travelguide 2


As breakfast there I had granola with fruits, nuts and a delicious coconut cream. I definitely also want to try coconut cream as an ingredient in my granola back in Hamburg – that was simply incredibly delicious!


Porch healthy Breakfast at Bondi Beach Sydney Travelblog


Porch & Parlour

17-18/110 Ramsgate Ave

North Bondi NSW 2026

Bondi Beach Icebergs Club Pool Dog Sunrise

Clearly ambiguous is now my answer to the often asked question, which beach in Sydney I liked better – the one in Manly or Bondi Beach. Both were in their way totally beautiful, but simply not comparable to each other. If you are a bit longer in the city, I would recommend you to visit both of the districts and its beaches. Bondi maybe better during the week (when it is „quieter“) and Manly at the weekend. I believe the somewhat remote Shelly Beach there is also on a full day quite nice!