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The „golden city“ Prague is said to be one of the most beautiful destinations in Eastern Europe. From the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge and the Vltava River, which is flowing there, I was already enraptured by an older couple during my train ride from Hamburg to Prague. On the other hand, the two bachelor groups, who boarded in Berlin and Dresden, were interested in the running beer there. But apart from its famous sights and bars, the city has a lot to offer. The Prague specialty coffee scene, e.g. has created many new shops with top-class coffee in the recent years.

Together with a befriended blogger, Resi from The Way to Coffee, I explored this the past weekend. My dearest discoveries I have summarized for you in a Prague guide (supplied in two parts). In addition to a large number of cafés, there will be also a restaurant, an ice cream shop, a concept store and an accommodation recommendation inside this guide.


CAFEFIN Specialty Coffee Prague


The CAFEFIN has opened only half a year ago. Jackie Tran, the founder behind it, originally comes from Vietnam. He is a designer and photographer and moved to the Czech Republic seventeen years ago. Actually he wanted to open a gallery here in Prague to exhibit his photographs. The CAFEFIN was a spontaneous idea. But he did not lose the original plan: his pictures now hang on the walls of the café.


CAFEFIN Specialty Coffee Koppi latte art PRag Prague


With the own café Jackie also discovered his passion for specialty coffee. He was not even a coffee drinker until that day! But now he learned a lot in this field of knowledge. The espresso in CAFEFIN is most of the time from the Swedish roastery Koppi, from Nordbeans or Five Elephant.


Caféfin Latte Artists Panda Prague


Equipped with a milk jug and a brush, Jackie creates now a new form of art: Latte Art. The creative design of the milk froth, also with colors, is particularly common in the Asian region. I was skeptical to this latte type with food color before my visit at CAFEFIN. But my first coffee tasted here (you see this panda creation above) the same as my second one without colors ( seebelow). Sweeteners are not included in the colors, Jackie assured me on demand – they are taste neutral.


Caféfin Chemex Vase Prague


I liked also the food in the CAFEFIN: a fusion of Vietnamese cuisine and modern creations. Suitable for both breakfast and lunch. Need an example? Avocado toast with blueberries and pomegranate, coriander and sprouts. There is also a choice for breakfast, salads and Vietnamese baguettes (Bánh mì).


Caféfin Breakfast Avocado Lunch Coffee latte art Prague


Cafefin JACKIE TRAN Prague Coffee Guide


Caféfin Breakfast Avocado Lunch Coffee Prague Prag Ffrühstück


Caféfin Prague Prag Coffeespot



nám. J. z Poděbrad 1407/4

120 00 Praha 2-Vinohrady


Prag Fernsehturm Žižkov Prague Travelguide


Onesip coffee with friends PRague Czech Republic


The second recommendation, the Onesip coffee, has a pure focus on coffee. The guys from European Coffee Trip highly recommend this specialty coffee spot to us before our trip. Thanks for that! Onesip is located in the Jewish quarter and consists just a tiny room with lots of wood inside and things in the color Mint.


Onesip Coffeepins Specialty Coffee Third wave Prague


The coffee at onesip is obtained from the English roaster Round Hill from London. We had a cup of filter here.


Onesip Prague Prag specialty coffee or liquid hug for your brain


Above all the espresso in the onesip is prepared in a very special way: with the aid of a mechanical espresso lever-type machine – the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic.


Onesip Prague Prag Cafétipp Specialty Coffee



Onesip Prague Specialty Coffee Third wave Prag Guide Café Tipp


onesip coffee

Haštalská 755/15, Staré Město

110 00 Praha 1 – Staré město-Praha


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A tip for all ice cream lovers is the ice cream shop Angelato with its two shops in the center of Prague. In addition to the normal ice cream creations there are extraordinary sorts such as salty caramel, white chocolate and olive-basil. The name behind the shops is, by the way, a mixture of angelic and the Italian word for ice („gelato“). I have been particularly floated on cloud seven especially because my ice was a lot less sweet here than in many other ice-cream shops. Angelato has met my taste totally.


Angelato Icecream PRague Recommendation hip



Rytířská 27, Staré Město

110 00 Praha – Staré Město-Praha 1


Super Tramp Specialty Coffee Spot Prague Prag


But back to the good coffee: A cup of my favorite drink is also available at the next tip: Super Tramp. At least if you find this cafe. It is located in a hidden backyard in the center (in the district Prague 1). If you find the entrance you will definitely be rewarded: the café, which is located in an old printing factory, has a very special charm.


Super Tramp Specialty Coffee Prague urbanjungle


So relaxed and quiet I have not drunk any coffee for a long time. On the vinyl record player next to the bar music is played from bands like The xx. It stands in a room decorated with a lot of wood, but the music also sounds outside. Enjoy the green there and have a pice of the self-baked cake.


Super Tramp Specialty Coffee Prague Prag Tipps Reiseguide Opatovická La Marzoco


Super Tramp Specialty Coffee Prague Prag Tipps Reiseguide Opatovická


Supertramp Prague Third wave coffee guide PRag

Super Tramp Coffee

Opatovická 160/18

110 00 Nové Město


Prag Reisetipps Prague Travelblog Reiseguide



Ema Prague Specialty Coffee Menu


If you want to see Prague’s best specialty coffee spots the EMA Espresso Bar should not be missed. Since four years coffee from well-known but small European roasters has crossed the bar there. During my visit they used espresso from the roastery JB from Munich.


Ema Prague Specialty Coffee Menu


The interior in the rather large shop is minimalistic and the staff was really friendly. In the evening you can change here from a cup of coffee to a glass of wine. Except Saturdays and Sundays this place is open till 8 pm.


Ema Prague Specialty Coffee Filter


EMA espresso bar

Na Florenci 1420/3

110 00 Florenc


Eska Prague Hipster Restaurant


My last recommendation for the first part of this Prague guide is the restaurant ESKA. Since Prague is generally quite cheap, you can dine here well without the fear of spending too much. My tip for a beautiful diner is ESKA in the hip district Karlin, directly behind the hill Viktov. The restaurant is very bright and offers a modern version of the Czech cuisine with lots of vegetables.


Eska Prague Food


The premises here are rather industrial and this spot is also be known for its brunch. I already wrote „breakfast at ESKA“ on my list for my next trip to Prague, because this time I only was here in the evening. But especially the open kitchen and the great offer of self-righteous in the deli of the restaurant impressed me during my first visit.


Eska Prague Bread



Eska Prague Restaurant Fusion cuisine


Eska Prague Restaurant INterior


Eska Prague Food



Eska Prague Restaurant INterior


Eska Prague Restaurant Fusion cuisine


Eska Restaurant

Pernerova 49, Karlín

186 00 Praha 8-Karlín-Praha 8



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