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Despite my initial misgivings I was quickly convinced: especially when you leave the rowdy bachelor groups out of reach and stop sharing the sights with hundreds of tourists, you can have a wonderful time in Prague!

In the first part of my Prague guide I have already presented to you some cafes and a restaurant. Today a tip for a nice accommodation is following and many other places, where you can have a good coffee, breakfast or just go shopping or view art.


Muj salek kavy Doubleshot Specialty Coffee Prague


Okay Doubleshot is not the name of the first café, but it is one that can come across you when you visit Prague’s coffee scene. Three cafés belong to this roastery. Můj šálek kávy was No. 1. It is located in the trendy district Karlin – just a few streets away from Resteraunt ESKA, which I introduced to you in the first part of the Prague guide.


Muj salek kavy Prague Specialty Coffee Guide


Translated from Czech, the name of this cafe means „My cup of coffee“. You can enjoy your coffee at Můj šálek kávy perfectly during a breakfast. On my last morning in Prague, I had a portion of delicious pancakes with buttermilk and blueberries here.


Muj salek kavy Prague Specialty Coffee Guide

Muj salek kavy-Breakfast-Pancakes–Prague–Specialty-Coffee-Hipster–Guide

Můj šálek kávy

Křižíkova 386/105, Karlín

186 00 Prague 8


Prague Prag Architektur Street Photography


CHILL Apartments Prague Unterkunft accommodation


During our three-day trip, Resi from the blog The Way to Coffee and I got hosting-support from the CHILL apartments. So our accommodation was a modern apartment in a beautiful old building – bright and furnished with a lot of love for design.


CHILL Apartments Prague Unterkunft accommodation Tipp


The CHILL apartments are several apartments of different sizes, opened only a few months ago near the National Museum of Prague.


CHILL Apartments Prague Unterkunft Tipp


CHILL Apartments

Sokolská 1614/64, Nové Město

120 00 Prague 2


Kloster Strahov Prague Reisetipps


VNITROBLOCK Prague Hipster Coffee Guide


Founder of the two next tips (the VNITROBLOCK and the Kavárna co hledá jméno) are the same two creative minds. The former, the VNITROBLOCK, is located in the district Holešovice (slightly outside) in an old factory hall. It’s a mix of concept store, café, dance studio, gallery and cinema.


VNITROBLOCK Prague Hipster Coffee Guide Café Bike


Die Räumlichkeiten sprühen hier vor Industriecharme und im Ladenbereich entdeckt man schnell das ein oder andere schöne Design-Mitbringsel. Perfekt geeignet ist dieses Gelände vor allem, wenn man einen Rückzugsort such, z. B. zum Arbeiten, und eine Pause vom sonstigen Prager Trubel braucht.

The rooms here are full of industrial charm and in the shop area you can quickly discover the one or the other nice design souvenir. This terrain is particularly suitable if you are looking for a retreat, as example for work, and a break from the rest of Prague’s hustle and bustle.


VNITROBLOCK Prague Hipster Coffee Guide Signature



VNITROBLOCK Prague Hipster Coffee Guide Café Coffee spot


VNITROBLOCK Prague Coffee Guide Café


VNITROBLOCK Prague Hipster Coffee Guide Gallery


VNITROBLOCK Prague Hipster Coffee Guide Café


VNITROBLOCK Prague Hipster Coffee Guide Brick in the wall



Tusarova 791/31, Holešovice

170 00 Prague


The duo has done hard with the names of his second store. It is called „Café, which is looking for a name“ and is located in a former carpentry in Smíchov district (also a little bit outside).In the light-flooded rooms with their large windows is also a large café and a small gallery. But the best ist the green courtyard located in front of the Kavárna co hledá jméno.



Kavárna co hledá jméno Prague Specialty Coffee Hipster Guide


Kavárna co hledá jméno

Stroupežnického 493/10

150 00 Prague-Smíchov


Karlsbrücke Karlův most Moldau Prague-Guide


And so we come to my last Prague tip: the Místo. Just like the first recommendation from this post, it belongs to the coffee roastery Doubleshot. But the decor here is in comparison to the Můj šálek kávy rather minimalist-modern. Not only for a delicious breakfast or lunch with good coffee, you should visit this specialty coffee spot in the Dejvice district: In the evening you can also have a wine or beer here.


Misto Prague Hipster Third wave Coffee Guide Specialty Coffee


Misto Prague Specialty Coffee



Bubenečská 12

160 00 Prague 6


Prague Prag Architektur


Karlsbrücken Museum Prague Prag


Karlův most Sonnenuntergang Prague Prag sunset


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