“Is this real? Can somebody please pinch me?” These are my thoughts while being in the middle of Sydney. Here I am sitting now on a bench in the Hyde Park on the other side of the world. Skaters are practising their tricks in front of me, and next to them an odd bird that I’ve never seen before, except in a zoo, is wandering around. It is the first time since the beginning of my journey, that I can clear my thoughts. Everything before felt remote-controlled – getting on the plane in Hamburg, change the flight in Dubai, arriving in Sydney and going directly to the hostel. Adrenaline from the beginning, in between and the end, were of course included.

My current Thought: At the moment, everything feels so damn right! But what drove me here? To travel to Australia was actually an idea that I had with my friend Jenny last year. During our road trip last year we met an Australian in Paris. We travelled all together and while sitting by a cosy bonfire we talked about, that we really should go to a warm place next winter. The plan: Escape the European cold weather and visit all those places we have already heard a lot of. The reverie of the last summer was fast forgotten, until it got really cold and grey in Hamburg. One night Jenny called me and told me that she has a Job offer for February and despite our plans, that she would like to take it. Certainly I understood, but the longer I thought about it, the more I knew, that I still wanted to go and use my free time between my bachelor and master to escape the grey weather. So eventually, I have decided to make the trip – on my own!



And now I am sitting here and feeling very happy. Despite of my fears of travelling alone and having a jetlag (which by the way I did not even experience, because I have slept very well during the flight), it is been wonderful so far. Furthermore, every day I have my loyal friend here with me: my camera. By which I also shot the first impressions for you in Sydney.

It is certain by now, that I want to see more of Sydney. I am even considering to extend my stay. Since I have only got a rough plan for my trip. I booked my hostel until the 7th of February and for the remainder I can still make up my mind. Maybe visiting the Blue Mountains or even booking a lodging at Bondi Beach?!




By the way, the other faithful companion is my list of coffee shops I would like to visit. Already a few nice baristas have given their suggestions and optimized my list. Also a few other tips I have researched online, are already removed from the baristas, because of cold atmosphere. You can not see that on the pictures, but that is definitely an excluding criterion.

After I had my perfect cafe list for Sydney, I have formed a habit of asking people a second question: “If you have one day off in Sydney, what would you do?” The responses were very varied – going to the museum, or taking the ferry to Manly, to visit the beach and go to a nice coffee shop. The roaster from Mecca (a wonderful coffee shop where I am going to post more in the near feature) recommended me to visit Potts Point on a Saturday morning, have breakfast at Room 10 and then stroll to the market – and that is exactly what I am going to do now. I will keep you posted!


Single O Sydney Specialty Coffee Place & Neighbourhood