I have never visited such a young and colorful metropolis like Melbourne. Simply talking about colorful areas is an understatement, especially in the districts Fitzroy and Collingwood: the streets here are crowded with hip bars, alternative cafes and beautiful galleries. A dream for every creative person! Instead of going directly to a whole city guide for Melbourne, there is today an extra contribution, in which I show you the ultimate collection of my tips for the neighborhood around Fitzroy and Collingwood.


Everyday Coffee is one of the first cafes I have visited during my ten days in Melbourne. The food selection here is rather minimalistic, but the coffee is great. A visit is worthwhile especially in connection with a stop a few houses further: you can spot there a large mural (a wall painting) by the famous US artist Keith Haring on a house facade.



Everyday Coffee

33 Johnston St

Melbourne VIC 3066






At the same street, the Johnston Street, just a few minutes walk further, is Mile End Bagels located. Bagels are the great passion of the guys here. Proudly, the owner of the store told me about his wood fire bagel oven, where he baked the perfect bagels directly in the shop. It is the first wood fire oven for bagels in whole Australia. I must admit, I actually had here the best bagel I’ve ever tasted. Whether sweet (for example, with creamcheese and jam) or more savory, at Mile End Bagels everyone will surely find a suitable coating for his bagel. This is also available in different varieties – such as sesame, cinnamon and raisins or whole grain varieties.






Mile End Bagels

14 Johnston St

Fitzroy VIC 3065




Melbourne Auntys pegs Specialty Coffee

Auntie Peg’s is a Brewbar – a coffee place where you can really only order filter drinks. Nothing for latte lovers! It belongs to the connected specialty coffee roastery Proud Mary – one of the most famous coffee institutions in Melbourne. The shop is only about 500 meters away from the first tip, but a lot bigger.




This spot is not only for testing the Proud Mary coffee – it’s also a training venue as well as a coffee utensils store with a wonderful view to the roastery. Perfect for every specialty coffee fan! 




Aunty Peg’s

200 Wellington St

Collingwood VIC 3066




My breakfast tipp, where also the milk-espresso-lovers will be happy again, is the larger cafe of the roastry Proud Mary. It’s located in a quiet side street a few meters further. If you are standing in front of a large brick house – where surely are some dream lofts inside – and look at a well-visited corner shop, you are right! On the food menu are aussie classics like smashed avocado with feta and poached egg on toast or sweet things as pancakes. My resume: Good food, great coffee and a friendly team behind kitchen and coffee machine!


Melbourne Proud Mary Specialty Coffee


Proud Mary

172 Oxford St

Collingwood VIC 3066






Chris Crouch has created a paradise for design and book fans with his Happy Valley store. For an hour I’ve been exploring the many selected publications here at the Smith Street. And I have not seen anything that I would not like to have put directly into my suitcase for my return journey! In addition to books, there are inside the shelves design products, vinyl records and art.




Happy Valley

294 Smith St

Collingwood VIC 3066






„If you’re going to Melbourne, you have to visit Lune!“ was already recommended to me in Sydney. When the baristas cheered about the best croissants outside Paris, they did’t lie. The manufacture called Lune Croissanterie has a talent for amazing croissants! The best is the production is open to curious eyes: In the middle of the shop is a glass workshop, where every visitor can observe the manufacturing. Of course inside the large brick building is also a la marzocco for the perfect enjoyment coffee & croissant. By the way, the bakery with the rocket logo also offer other treats: pain au chocolat or the new food trend cruffin.




Lune Croissanterie

119 Rose St

Fitzroy VIC 3065


community planter box Melbourne




As guideline for the districts Collingwood and Fitzroy you should orientate yourself at the Brunswick, the Gertrude and the Smith Street. But also off this, in the small side streets with their sprayed walls, there are some nice places to discover. So the Dangerfolk Gallery, in which different artists bring their works still original with printing plates on paper. In the front part of the shop is the gallery area and in the back you can watch the creatives at work.




1-5 Perry St

Collingwood VIC 3066




Because I have some guitarists as friends I could not resist to visit the guitar store, which you see on the lower pictures. I spotted this place while walking by. The owner of the store not only sells new technology, primarily he repairs old models. A small museum is already on its stone walls and I think every musician would like to visit it.




Clingan Guitar Tone

34 Sackville St

Collingwood VIC 3066



Black Cat is a alternative bar in which it is as comfortable as in the own living room. During the day it also is a café, where you can relax on a sofa – the perfect lounge to sink into a book or travel guide brought along. In the evening there are drinks and music.



Blackcat Café & Bar

252 Brunswick St

Fitzroy VIC 3065


If you are looking for special views: After the first drink at the Black Cat, you should walk to Naked for Satan. Already on the lower floor of the bar it is very stylish, but something breathtaking awaits you, if you take the elevator from the first floor. You’ll land on a roof terrace (this area is called Naked in the sky), from where you can look over the low-rise Fitzroy to the Melbourne Museum and the CBD city center. Highly recommended during a romantic sunset.



Naked for Satan / Naked in the Sky

285 Brunswick St

Fitzroy VIC 3065


The rose street market Fitzroy Art market


On Saturdays the creative activity of Fitzroy is completed by the Rose Street Artists‘ Market. More than 70 designers and artists exhibit here. They sell plants, crafts, art and other products – a good place to buy a Melbournesouvenir! Plant friends should also visit the small container of Plant by Packwood, which is also located on the Rose Street Market.  A visit is also worthwhile if you do not plan to bring something green for your home – exotic plants wherever you’re looking.






Rose Street Market

60 Rose St

Fitzroy VIC 3065


Industry Beans Melbourne Guide Fitzroy Rose street market


My last tip is Industry Beans. This place is located just around the corner from the Rose Street Market and includes a coffee roastery and a large open kitchen, where you can get creative food creations. Melon with vanilla cream and Pannacotta I had here for example. With the combination of great coffee and incredible cooking, the Australians are well ahead!




Industry Beans

3/62 Rose St

Fitzroy VIC 3065