„You are going to love Lisbon!“, a friend of mine told me before my trip to Lisbon and I still hear her loud and clear as if it were only yesterday. And right she was! I really enjoyed Lisbon. The tiled house fronts, the many narrow streets, the bright colours, and the city’s unique character… All reasons why I did not come back empty handed: I came back with a long list of places I can recommend, a list so long that I decided to divide the guide into two parts this time. The second part next week will then contain the map with a quick overview of all the places I mention in the two blog posts.




One thing I need to say at the start: Lisbon ia a very popular city at the moment and you’ll notice that right away. It is filled with (mainly german) tourists! Simultaneously, Lisbon is changing tremendously – more and more young, creative people transform the city’s image with their alternative ideas. And whilst strolling through the city you can almost touch the city’s positive energy.


Frühstück im Guesthouse Casa C'alma


As for every „Hipster & Coffee Guide“ I put together a collection of particular places, stores and coffee places for you. What is new this time is that thanks to a collaboration I included a recommendation for accomodation: the Bed & Breakfast Casa C’Alma. I discovered this wonderful designer apartment on Instagram and on our arrival, fell in love with it all over again. Casa C’Alma is a five room guesthouse with a Scandinavian design. Here, everything fit perfectly: the stylish kitchen, the vast living space, our amazing guest room and the friendly owner Rafael who was very helpful in providing us with ideas on what to do and see in Lisbon.







Casa C’Alma

Praça das Flores 48
1200-192 Lisbon




Directly around the corner of Casa C’Alma is the Copenhagen Coffee Lab, the first coffee place on my list. The name already tells you: this place also has a Scandinavian touch. The Copenhagen Coffee Lab belongs to a small Danish roasting company, which produces excellent coffee. But just so you know, good coffee and cinnamon rolls are apparently very well-liked in Lisbon. Especially in the morning and in the early noon, this coffee place is packed with freelancers who come here to work and enjoy their coffee. A visit in the afternoon will be slightly more relaxed.





Copenhagen Coffee Lab

R. Nova da Piedade 10
1200-192 Lisbon




For shopping I have two recommendations for you, both of which are south of the botanical garden. The REAL Slow Retail Concept Store is a store shared by many different Portuguese labels. You can find everything from books, to fashion, as well as countless other things.



REAL Slow Retail Concept Store

Praça do Príncipe Real 20
1250-184 Lisbon



The slightly bigger building „Embaixada“ follows the same idea. Inside the building you’ll find many individual concept stores as well as a spacious restaurant and a gin bar with a huge outside terrace.


Praça do Príncipe Real 26
1250 Lisbon




With that we’ve already come to an end for today. My last tip for part one of the Lisbon Coffee Guide is the „Hello Kristof“. However, I cannot yet tell you a lot about the „Hello Kristof“ for now since it only opened a few days after my trip to Lisbon. But as I liked what I saw from the outside and as the mix „coffee and magazines“ sounded fantastic, I wanted to mention it in this guide. In case you’ll get a chance to pass by the „Hello Kristof“ I would be happy to hear about your experience (please mark me on Instagram @fraeulein_anker)! Otherwise I will tell you more about it when I leave for Lisbon again – that I will return to Lisbon at some point is a sure thing!



Hello Kristof

Rua do Poço dos Negros 103
1200-336 Lisbon


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