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I have written a German travel book about Copenhagen, and I still can’t quite believe it. But even if it takes a little while longer to realize this, one thing is very clear: With the release of this book a big dream of mine has come true – to publish special tips for cities also in print format. In the near future there won’t be an English translation yet, but we’re thinking about it and I will inform you on this blog for sure.


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Publishing this book shouldn’t result in Copenhagen not being honoured with a single contribution on this blog although I have visited this city with great enthusiasm in recent years. And luckily it doesn’t have to – even if my absolute favourite tips for Denmark’s capital can now be found on 128 printed pages, I have a few recommendations in this blogpost for you, which have not been included in the book for several reasons.


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Kopenhagen Tipps Ankerwechsel Travel Guide Copenhagen


The first one, the shop Plant with its bright yellow details, is located in the district of Nordhavn, which has only been built a few years ago. By bike it’s already twenty minutes from the centre to it and the district also has its own metro station.


Plant København Kopenhagen Guide Tipps


Like the Hamburg district HafenCity, the urban area of Nordhavn will be expanded and redesigned – a combination with residential and business areas is currently emerging from a pure industrial port. In architecture, luxury meets sustainability, and the Copenhageners want to create a model city district. For example, there is a underground pipe system in the whole area, which takes the waste to the next landfill, so that no garbage trucks have to drive into the district. Generally, it’s the goal to make the roads as car-free as possible. In addition, the houses are planted with a lot of green on the roofs and some other eye-catchers as well. In 2017, for example, the skyscraper The Silo was completed: a former grain silo, which now serves as a residential building with its 17th floor.


Plant København Kopenhagen Guide Tipps Urban Jungle Kaktus


But it will take a few decades more before they finish many of the exciting construction plans in Nordhavn, because at the moment the district is still at its beginning. Already, however, a few small shops have opened their doors here. Take the shop Plant as example, with its wide selection of different indoor plants. At my visit, I had planned to visit this store only briefly for a portrait photo, because the founders behind Plant are also behind a recommendation in my Copenhagen book. In the end, I stayed there much longer then I had planned, to admire the green paradise and the beautiful designs of the pots, bowls and other vessels more closely and then also explored the modern district.


Plant København Kopenhagen Guide Tipps Urban Jungle Design Kaktus


Especially for plant lovers, I can highly recommend a visit to Plant but those interested in urban development and sustainability should take a trip to this area as well.


Plant København Kopenhagen Guide Tipps Urban Jungle Design

Plant København

Århusgade 132
2150 Kopenhagen



In 2011 a culinary hotspot opened at the Israel Plads in the centre of Copenhagen: the Torvehallerne. In the large glass halls stands the baker with typical Danish sourdough bread next to the chocolate factory with its delicious chocolates… A vast selection of fresh fruits and vegetables is waiting to land in the basket of Copenhagen and just watching the local market visitors is already worth the visit.



There are many ways to sit down and have a bite, with the smell of delicious coffee coming from stall of The Coffee Collective, a Copenhagen roastery. I wrote more about the four friends behind the roastery in my book. A recommendation, however, is already given to you in advance: The locals are especially big fans of the self-made espresso soft ice cream! Sunny weather provided, you should definitelly give this a try.


The Coffee CollectiveCopenhagen Travel Guide Toverhalle Kopenhagen Reiseführer





Frederiksborggade 21
1360 København


Plants Copenhagen Travel Guide Stalks & Roots Pflanzen


Incidentally, there is also a nice plant shop right around the corner from the Torvehallerne for all plant lovers: Stalks & Roots. Even though I would never buy a palm tree for my homewhen traveling, I always like to take a look into such shops and be inspired. Stalks & Roots managers sell their beautiful bouquets at the Torvehallerne stand but they have even more plant choices in the basement shop in Vendersgade.


Stalks & Roots Kopenhagen Pflanzenladen


Stalks & Roots

Vendersgade 5
1363 København


Kopenhagen Tipps Fräulein Anker Travel Guide Copenhagen Carpic


Jaegersborggade The Coffee Collective Kanabullar Kanelbullar Kopenhagen Tipps Fräulein Anker Travel Guide Copenhagen


The last tip in this post is the Coffee Collective’s Café at the end of hip Jægersborggade. The headquarter of the roastery behind it is in another district and super exciting as well, but you can also try their excellent coffee at this nice location.


The Coffee Collective Kopenhagen Spezialitätenkaffee Fräulein Anker Copenhagen


Coffe Collective startet only with a small shop a few doors down, at Jægersborggade 10. It has since been closed because of the small size, but the new corner café in the area now ensures good coffee. And there are also delicious Kanelbullar here – freshly delivered by a very popular bakery from the neighbourhood.


Jaegersborggade The Coffee Collective Kanabullar Kanelbullar Kopenhagen Tipps Travel Guide Copenhagen


Generally, the Jægersborggade with its little shops, galleries and nice restaurants is a street that should not be missed during a Copenhagen trip!


Third Wave Coffee Copenhagen The Coffee Collective


The Coffee Collective

Jægersborggade 57
2200 København

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You can get more information about my (german) book Hallo Kopenhagen: 27 Tipps für Kultur, Cafés und mehr over here. Many thanks to all, who already ordered the book or also my Hamburg guide Hallo Hamburg!