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Oh Sydney, you took my heart by storm – after ten days in the largest city of Australia, I know this metropolis is an amazing city and definitely worth a trip. This is why I want to  continue to provide you with my Sydney tips for your next journey!


Single O Surry Hills Specialty Coffee Place Sydney Breakfast


My todays recommendation is a specialty coffee place in the hip district Surry Hills. The name of this cafe is “Single O” and I visited it four times during my time in the city. The reason? I really enjoyed the nice employed and the whole concept of this cafe! The coffee place belongs to a same-named coffee roastery in Sydney (specialty coffee, of course), in which many of the owners behind my other (following) café tips for Sydney, already worked before they became self-employed. Single O owns in total three places in Sydney. The coffee place from this review was the beginning thirteen years ago. At that time, the roaster stands directly in the garage behind the cafe in the center of the city, but now the roasting shop itself is located outside the town center.



In addition to the main cafe, with lots of places in front in the sun, wonderful food (breakfast, but also good for a lunch break or a sweet delicacy between) and excellent coffee, Single O has next door also a “Brew Bar”. Here the guests (many suit-wearer from the surrounding offices) can order their coffee to go and buy equipment to celebrate coffee at home.


Single O Surry Hill Specialty Coffee Place Sydney


Even if I enjoyed my coffee creations rather directly in the cafe itself – comfortably at the table while writing postcard or watching other guests – and my backpack (unfortunately) was already too full to buy at the beginning of my Australia journey new equipment for my coffee corner at home, I also visited the brew bar a lot. I was very happy to see the different coffees of the roastery, to discuss the baristas about new tips for my time in Sydney and to listen to the excellent music that runs all day at the brew bar.


Single O Surry Hills Specialty Coffee Place Sydney Ice Flat White Coffee Roastery


Also the coffee place itself was an absolute highlight of my Sydney coffee journey. It has a wonderful artistic design and a lot of details: I think I have never seen such a lovingly designed menu and laughed so often during reading it. The founders of Single O have a taste for glossaries and the menu includes an ABC about the topic of coffee and inside is even a German word: “Kaffeeklatsch”. I won’t tell you what this means at this point, for that you must probably even look in the menu while enjoying a (Ice) Flat White here!


Single O Surry Hill Specialty Coffee Place Sydney Brew bar


Während meines letzten Besuches musste ich einen der Barista (dessen Gesicht ich mittlerweile schon kannte) schließlich einfach ein Kompliment für die vielen guten Songs machen, die immer wieder an der Brew Bar liefen. Er freute sich darüber, bedankte sich und erklärte mir schließlich, dass viele der Angestellten Musikliebhaber sein.

Die harmonische Atmosphäre, die gute Musik und das leckere Angebot sind auf jeden Fall Schuld, dass das Single O sehr weit oben in meine Favoritenliste an Cafés in Sydney steht. Ich möchte definitiv sobald wie möglich wieder herkommen!


Single O Brew-Bar Specitaly Coffee Sydney Roastery Café


Single O

60-64 Reservoir St
Surry Hills NSW 2010

Single O Specialty Coffee Place Sydney Café SurryHills