Mecca Coffee Roastery Sydney Specialty Coffee Interior


Last week I started with the first part of my Sydney guide (see here) to take you to the metropolis on the other side of the world. The second part of my tips and a final overview map is available today.




I would like to start with a café called Mecca. It is at the same time a roastery and located a little bit outside the city center. However, it is very easy to go there by train, and I guarantee to all the coffee lovers reading among you: You will not be disappointed to have taken the little trip here! Just by entering the large, bright café, this beautiful place had already aroused all my sympathy. Black and white tiles, high ceilings and some of plants adorn the great space.


An employee greeted me kindly and was just starting to ask what I wanted to have when her glance fell on my camera. At the same moment, the chef roaster passed us and she promptly introduced me. Instead of ordering, I followed his spontaneous invitation to explore the roastery. An hour later, I knew not only all the terms of coffee roasting in English and had a look at the roastery process itself – from the green bean, over the first crack to the finished roast – I also had managed to miss the closing time of the café.




For a coffee at Mecca it was meanwhile too late, but for that I visited the café a few days later again. Looking back the best thing for me here was that the people were so open-minded to me, without knowing my coffee-background. From my blog, the roaster himself first experienced, when another employee – shortly before the farewell – asked me, what I actually do. I will not forget the astonished look of the two!


Mecca Specialty Coffee Sydney Roasting



26 Bourke Rd

Alexandria NSW 2015




Carriageworks Sydney Guide


Also a little bit outside Sydneys center are the halls of Carriageworks, a former railway station, where contemporary artists from various fields work. The converted rooms here are used for offices and studios. But also exhibitions, workshops and other events are take place alternately. Every Saturday, e.g. you can buy seasonal products as well as extraordinary food creations at the stands of the Carriageworks Farmers Market. If you miss the market, I highly recommend the toasted banana bread with caramel butter at Cornerstone Bar & Food – a restaurant that is also located in the light-flooded halls and fits perfectly into the industrial setting.


Carriageworks Sydney multi-arts institutions







245 Wilson St

Eveleigh NSW 2015




The next two tips are again a bit more in side Sydney’s center, to be exactly in the area around Potts Point. You should not be deterred by the loud bars and hostels around the Kings Cross station, because once you leave them, you will be rewarded. For a whole day I walked through the small streets and I fell in love with the neighborhood with the many style decor architecture. Every Sunday, the Potts Point Market takes place here, on which I photographed the two following pictures.








Also the coffee shop I visited the most, while I was in Sydney, can be found in Potts Point: Room 10. At first glance it is a rather inconspicuous place, but there you will probably get the best coffee and the most delicious food in surroundings. Therefore it is at certain times and with sunshine not so easy to get a place on the area in front of the café. Whole-day-breakfast, delicious lunch and an always friendly operator with motivated crew, lure the many guests. In addition, for the hot days in the metropolis not to forget: delicious Ice Coffee. By the way the coffee you can drink here is from Mecca, the roastery I presented above.






Room 10

10 Llankelly Pl

Sydney NSW 2011


If you want to drink something alcoholic in Potts Pinot, and maybe also eat, I can highly recommend Dumpling & Beer. One evening during my Australia-trip I was spontaneously eating here with a Danish woman, whom I had met at Bondi Beach in the morning. It was my first time Dim-Sum and I liked the food and the atmosphere in the little restaurant very much.




Last I would like to give you a few tips away from cafés and shops. I usually bypass the typical tourist spots in every city, but of course I could not miss to see Sydneys famous Opera House! Also in the botanical garden and the museum of New South Wales I spent some great time.






To Sydney there were several posts on this blog and also a first part of this Sydney Guide. All the café recommendations (such as the beautiful Single O in Surry Hills), store tips and my article about Bondi Beach and Shelly Beach in Manley can be seen on the following map and in the linked articles.