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Welcome back in Paris! Today I will take you again on an exciting journethrough this beautiful city. After my post from last month about the hip district Le Marais (click here), those recommendation are located in the 11th arrondissement.


2 Café Oberkampf Paris 11 ARR Flat White Coffeeplace Interior Cafés in Paris


The first tip, Café Oberkampf, is based in a side street from the well-known Rue Oberkampf. With its blue façade, the café immediately catches the eye. And it was not only this, that made it as a highlight between the many great cafés I visited in the city of love. No, the Café Oberkampf was also the first café during my Paris trip where the founder himself stood behind the bar as a barista. With its great food (check it out on Instagram) this place is also a great tip for breakfast or lunch.


2 Café Oberkampf Paris 11 ARR Flat White Coffeeplace Egg and Spinach Breakfast


2 Café Oberkampf Paris 11 ARR Flat White Coffeemachine Latte art


2 Café Oberkampf Paris 11 ARR Flat White Coffeeplace Cafés in Paris


2 Café Oberkampf Paris 11 ARR Coffeeplace

Café Oberkampf

3 rue Neuve Popincourt
75011 Paris


2 Broken Biscuits Paris Patisserie Cafés in Paris Coffee Place Hipster Guide Brownie


Something for every sweet tooth is the small Pâtisserie Broken Biscuits. It was opened by a couple who already made people happy before with their own catering for different cafés in paris. The dream of an own café the two of them made successfully true last year with the spot in the Passage Rochebrune – near a really charming park. Since that you can find at this place a lot of different housemade sweet delicacies in a cozy atmosphere. Best thing to do here? Sit in the window, have a good (specialty) coffee and enjoy your cake or pastry!


2 Broken Biscuits Paris Coffee Place Hipster Guide

Broken Biscuits

10 Passage Rochebrune
75011 Paris


2 Square Maurice Gardette Paris Cafétipps Guide Architektur


2 The beans on fire Paris 11 ARR Coffeeplace collaborative roasting Honor Cafés in Paris


Tip no. 3, The Beans on Fire, is located just a few streets further, on the other side of the park of the square Maurice Gardette. The owners themselves describe the café as a collaborative roasterie. In this sense the café is not only a café, as well it is a place to discover coffee and learn about it and the roasting process in workshops. Also the coffee during my visit in the café was roasted by Beans on fire, but the food came from another project: Honor Café, a independent café project that offered breakfast, lunch and cakes.

Because the “The Beans on Fire” is a lot bigger than the other cafes I visited, I was not quite sure if I really liked it. Looking back, it did it very much. The coffee was very tasty and I enjoyed my time here very well in the sun at the terrace, with a lovely view to the park. I also really liked the idea to offer, as a coffee roasting label, a place for other cafe projects (and also other coffee labels) for sharing the hight rents in Paris. By the way it is also a good chance for the other projects to examine new products or to test the idea of open an own place.

2 The beans on fire Sandwiches


2 The beans on fire Coffeeroasters paris coffee Cafés in Paris specialty coffee place

The Beans on Fire

7 rue du Général Blaise
75011 Paris


2 Folks and Sparrows Paris Guide Coffee shop Lunch Deli Cafés in Paris


A mix of deli, lunch spot and café with a large portion of countryfeeling – this is Folks & Sparrows in the Rue Saint-Sébastien. Franck, the owner, founded the café here in 2014. With his long hair, his beard and a big grin, he perfectly complete the feeling not to be in Paris, but rather in the wild west.


2 Folks and Sparrows Paris Coffee shop Cafés in Paris

Folks and Sparrows

14 Rue Saint-Sébastien
75011 Paris