Café Balz und Balz Lehmweg Hamburg Hoheluft Eppendorf Speciality Coffee Kaffee Flat White


For a while Kathrin and Chris Balz had looked around in Hamburg for a suitable shop, until thy luckily found a souterrain location in the district of Hoheluft (Eppendorf). In May 2016 they opened the Balz and Balz here – a café that developed into the favorite tip in the neighborhood thanks to its perfect combination of familiar atmosphere, good food and excellent coffee. That is the also the reason for a lot of regular guests here.

You can spot the reason for the passion to be hosts from the sibling couple behind the Balz und Balz quickly, if you look more around in the shop: At the end of the room hangs a selection of delicacies from the butchery, which lead their parents in northern Hessen. Even the grandparents of the two formerly operated a guest house. Chris himself is a trained Barista and has worked in Berlin before. He conjures coffee creations behind the large espresso machine, while his sister Kathrin and her team always prove the perfect taste in the kitchen.

Café Balz und Balz Stullen to go


The location was part of the antiques shop next door, before the opening of Balz und Balz. It was important for Chris and Kathrin to get a little atmosphere from the old days. That is why they left the old tiles in the room and only refreshed the original color on the doors instead of painting everything new. Thanks to fresh wooden furniture and the great photograph of a fully tattooed woman, a contrast is created which brings a very new charm to the sometimes known as stuffy district Eppendorf.


Balz und Balz Hamburg Specialty Coffee Latte Art Café Eppendorf

On the menu at Balz und Balz besides coffee from small roasters (for example jb kaffee from munich) is a variety of different sandwiches, porridge and cakes. Everything is self-made and the last even according to old recipes of Mum and Grandma Balz. There is also a daily changing lunch and the whole day breakfast as well as waffles for the guests in the Lehmweg.

In the beautiful dishes at the café, I fell in love immediately. The two founders have not only selected lovely plates and bowls, but also the tea. It comes from Companion Coffee from Berlin. And also the muesli on the menu is delivered by a café from friends, the Glück und Selig from Eimsbüttel.


Café Balz und Balz Lehmweg Hamburg Hoheluft Eppendorf Speciality Coffee Third wave coffee Flat White Coffee


I highly recommend you from the menu the beetroot whole grain sandwich with goat cheese and cress. If you have a sweet tooth: try the banana bread here. But also the cinnamon rolls are known far beyond the district. My personal favorite from the cake cabinet is the carrot cake. No matter what you order, you should also take a Flat White from Chris, freshly prepared on the espresso machine. It’s perfect!

On weekends it is possible to become fast full here, so you should perhaps better visit this spot during the week or have some time and serenity with you. Thanks to the nice hosts not even the waiting is a great pain here – and it’s worth it.


Café Balz und Balz Lehmweg Hamburg Hoheluft Eppendorf Stulle Rote Beete



Café Balz und Balz Lehmweg Hamburg Slow Brew Speciality Coffee


Café Balz und Balz Lehmweg Hamburg Hoheluft Eppendorf Speciality Coffee Preise Kaffee


Café Balz und Balz Lehmweg Hamburg Hoheluft Eppendorf Speciality Coffee Interior



Café Balz und Balz Lehmweg Hamburg Kathrin Balz Christoph Balz Hoheluft Eppendorf


Café Balz und Balz Lehmweg Hamburg Hoheluft Eppendorf Third wave coffee


Balz und Balz
Lehmweg 6
20251 Hamburg