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In today’s post I am taking a look at Berlin, a city that is not merely colourful and loud but which has tons of things to offer. During my time in Berlin I came up with quite a collection of recommendations for you and prepared a wonderful mixture of places that I consider worth a visit in this metropolis. For a quick overview you can find a map with all of my tips at the end of this post.
So get a day ticket for the public transport and put on a pair of comfortable shoes – then you can start exploring Berlin’s most popular corners, the best coffee places, and the best spot for a break in the green.


Berlin Bitte Coffeehouse Kreuberg Café griechisch


Bitte! Coffeehouse
In the Glogauer Straße, two greek women, Markela Bgiala and Christina Pavlou, run a coffee place with the marvelous name „Bitte! Coffeehouse“. Their decoration has been achieved with perfection and with a lot of attetion to detail in a maritime style
Next to delicious breakfast, such as greek yoghurt with fresh fruit, they also serve mouth-watering cake, other greek specialities, and coffee from changing roasting companies.



Bitte Coffeehouse café Berlin Kreuzberg


makramee Berlin Bitte Coffeehouse Kreuzberg Görliter Park


Bitte Coffeehouse Griechischer Jogurth


Berlin Bitte Coffeehouse Urban art


Bitte" Coffeehouse süße griechische Spezialitäten berlin Coffee


Bitte! Coffehouse
Glogauer Str. 6
10999 Berlin


Berlin Markthalle neun 9 Kreuzberg Wochenmarkt


Markthalle Neun
In Hamburg we call it Marktzeit, in Berlin they call it „Markthalle Neun“. Back in the day the market hall used to be a railway station and is located only within a few hundred metres of the Görlitzer Bahnhof. The space is huge and now hosts the weekly market and offers different kinds of street food. Except for Sundays Markthalle Neun opens its doors every day of the week and welcomes the public with a varying programme.


Berlin Markthalle neun 9 Kreuzberg Markt Blumen Fokus



Greek Crepes Berlin markthalle neun Krezberg


Markthalle Neun Berlin Kreuzberg Gemüse


Markthalle Neun
Eisenbahnstraße 42-43
10997 Berlin


Prinzessinengärten Berlin Kreuberg Urban Gardening Insektenhotel Schild lustig


As long as three years ago, I introduced you to the urban gardening project Prinzessinnengärten in another blog post. A small trip to the green haven at the Moritzplatz in the middle of Kreuzberg is a must-do during almost all my visits to Berlin. Moreover, you can also enjoy some food here such as a mixture of home-grown vegetables and local products.


Prinzessinnengärten Berlin Kreuzberg Urban Gardening Projekt


Prinzenstrasse 35 – 38
10969 Berlin


Berlin Sonnenuntergang Kreuzberg Gleisdreieck


Distrikt Coffee Berlin Acai Bowl


Distrikt Coffee
Distrikt Coffee is in the centre of Berlin and offers everything the heart longs for in the morning: good coffee and a vast choice of breakfast treats. These include, for example, foodtrends like, for example, acai-bowls, but also classics like buttermilk pancakes. But be warned: as in so many cafés on the weekend, here too, coming early pays off. Otherwise you might have to wait quite some time for a breakfast table or come back in te afternoon for coffee and cake.


Distrikt specialty Coffee Berlin Cake


Distrikt specialty coffee berlin


Distrikt specialty Coffee Berlin Fenster


Distrikt Coffee
Bergstraße 68
10115 Berlin


Five Elephant Coffee & Cake Shop berlin kreuzberg speciality coffee


Five Elephant
The coffee place Five Elephant is around the corner of the Bitte! Coffeehouse and is mostly known for its delicious cheese cake as well as for its home-roasted coffee. And even though the baristas behind the counter only speak English, the old German maps hanging on the café’s walls will remind you of where you are and add to the cosy atmosphere.


Five Elephant Käsekuchen Cheesecake Coffeeclub Speciality Coffee Berlin Kreuzberg


Five Elephant
Reichenberger Str. 101
10999 Berlin


Frei Ausm Bauch Streetart Berlin


Berlin Friedrichstraße AMpelmännchen


Görlitzer Bahnhof Lichtdurchflutet


Hallescheshaus Berlin Hinterhof Sommer Hallesches Tor


When you are wandering through a street and you are able to spot a back courtyard filled with people, it surely is a sign for a place where people like to come and stay. But the Hallescheshaus is not only a courtyard and its coffee place but also a shop for household products. In case you can still call these fancy designer goods by their simple orginial name….


Hallescheshaus Berlin Kreuzberg Interior Design Food


Hallescheshaus Kuchen


Hallessches Haus Concept Store


Hallesches Haus
Tempelhofer Ufer 1
10961 Berlin


OZ Streetart Berlin Kreuzberg


Roamers Welcome Berlin Neukölln Coffee & Booze


Months before my trip to Berlin, I was already excited to see the Roamers in Neukölln. All thanks to the photos on the Instagram account of the two owners Flore and Chris – they convinced me ages ago. When I was finally on site, I was almost speechless – Roamers truely is a green paradise which is difficult to put into words. Everything fits perfectly together: the tasty, healthy, yet simple meals, the laid back crowd behind the counter, and the ambiance in the small space of the café. I have not yet found a place that cosy in Hamburg. But be aware, word has gotten out that this is a very nice spot. Thus, there are always plenty of people and it is difficult to find a table on the weekends. If you are patient and lucky or if you come back during the week I am sure you that will be thrilled!


Roamers Berlin Kuchen Berlintipp


Roamers Farm house charm with a breeze of California, woody & rustic, stuffed with plants & country music, handcrafted food adorned with a fistful of love


Pannierstrasse 64
2043 Berlin


Schwalben Roller Berlin



Flat White Distrikt Coffee Berlin Tea and Cake


Companion Coffee & Voo Store
The word „coffee“ might be in the name, but the tea is just as good at the Companion. Discover the many flavours and enjoy the stylish design. While your coffee or tea is being prepared you can go take a look at the Voo Store, which is connected to the café, and sells designer clothes and minimalistic products.


Flat White Distrikt Coffee Berlin


Voo Store Berlin Kreuzberg Görliter Bahnhof


Companion CoffeeVoo Store
Oranienstraße 24
10999 Berlin


Berlin Bahn Gleisdreieck