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Maybe the following situation sounds familiar to you: Previous to a trip into a new city you will meticulously research the internet for pictures, places, and ideas, and thus paint a certain picture in your head.
You will create your own image, which in my case – I do have to admit – ends up being very romantic, due to the countless wonderful coffee pictures on instagram and pins on pinterest.
And all of a sudden you are there – in real life. And with a blast, the image in your head clashes with reality. You’ll earn new insights – „That café seemed so spacious on the pictures. They must have used a good lens!“ It could be that your imagination will be 100% confirmed. Or that you’ll get disappointed. For disappointments also belong to life and are very natural. Without Downs there would be no Ups.

Why do I tell you about this? Because today, I will take you on a journey to Antwerp, a city that I somehow imagined differently… Love at first sight it was definitely not. But that this city does have several special places to offer I do not doubt anymore. And of course, I wouldn’t want to keep them from you.
That no sparks were flying between Antwerp and me might have a few other reasons. For one, several of the cafés I planned to visit were closed during my time in Antwerp. The reason: vacation.
That is why, this guide will only be a small Antwerp guide, to which – who knows – I might add a second part at some point in the future. Love at second sight maybe… And the fact that I did not see as much I had intended to, does indeed have an advantage: You’ll be able to visit all my recommended places in Antwerp within one day!


Normo Coffee Antwerpen Guide Hipster


The best way to begin the day is at Café Normo. Here you’ll not only find a cosy interior but also several nice places right out front. And on top of that: very good coffee (the café has its own roasting facility) and Wifi – perfect in order to comfortably plan your further journey. And lucky me, the man behind the coffee was a German barista who mentioned the holidays and with it the large amount of closed cafés to me. Moreover, he gave me a few insights into Antwerp’s nightlife, that I would not have discovered otherwise.


Normo Antwerpen Coffee Guide Cafétipp Reiseblog


Normo Antwerpen Coffee Cafétipp


Normo Coffee Antwerpen Guide Kaffee Cafétipp


Normo coffeebar

Minderbroedersrui 30
2000 Antwerp



Tinsel Coffee Place Antwerpen Guide Travel Blog


After a walk through the city, for example to Bar Paniek (see bottom of the page), and a stop at the MAS (a museum, which offers a wonderful view over Antwerp for free), I can recommend a break at TINSEL. A small restaurant with an excellent lunchmenu, just as well for breakfast. But be aware: don’t fall asleep on the comfy couch!


Tinsel Food Guide Antwerpen Couch



Vlaamse Kaai 40
2000 Antwerp


Buchbar Antwerpen Guide Book and Coffee Place


Just a few blocks from TINSEL, you’ll find another recommandation of mine: the Buchbar – a combination of bookstore and café. A simple concept, that has here been realized with great attention to detail. What made me like this place even more was the fact that their cake was prepared and delivered by the owner of TINSEL and their coffee by Normo.


Buchbar Antwerpen Guide Coffee Place



Anterwerpen Reisetipp Buchbar kaffee Café Coffee Travelblog Hotspot



Scheldestraat 79
2000 Antwerp


Me and My monkey Coffee and Supret Store Antwerp Guide Travel Blog


When it comes to shopping, I do have to say that I did not do much of it. But I did manage to provide you with one good tip, as it were, by window-shopping: Superet. The shop sells designer objects and local artists‘ products. Had I not held my purse so tight in view of the upcoming days in Paris and the rest of my roadtrip, then I surely would have treated myself to an Antwerp souvenir in this store.



Native Food Bio Antwerp Restaurant Vegan Guide Veggie


Another sweet and small restaurant in the heart of Antwerp is the NATIVE. It offers an organic kitchen, that means dishes with or without meat supplied only by organic farmers. It even has several vegan options on the menu. And all that in a very special, and foremost authentic and natural atmosphere. I had the salad with feta cheese, quinoa and caramalized pumpkin – to die for!


Salat im Native Antwerp Veggie Vegan Bio Restrauranttipp


Native Antwerp Food Hipster Guide Restauranttipp Reiseblog


Native Bike and Food Erbsenbällchen vegan Antwerp



Muntstraat 8
2000 Antwerp


Born in Antwerp Bar Paniek


At last I have two suggestions for Antwerp’s nightlife for you, more precisely two bars. Both of them differ strongly from the usual places, reason enough to go and see yourself even if you are not the one to party!
The first ist called Bar Paniek and is in the harbour district (not far from the above mentioned MAS). Inside and in front of a huge warehouse, Bar Paniek consists of randomly put together chairs and tables, two bar counters and a big stage on the inside, which offers a changing cultural programme. Bar Paniek also has a photo exhibition to offer.

The second bar is Plein Publiek. It lies in the courtyard of an empty block of buildings. The location being build like a greenhouse offers an outstanding contrast to the grey concrete buildungs surrounding it. Alternating events like concerts, markets, art exhibitions, and partys, are reason enough to have a look!


Bars in Antwerp Bar Paniek Bar Publiek


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