Good morning from Amsterdam! Unbelievable that I’m already on my way back to Hamburg again. It felt good to be back in the Dutch capital city and I picked up the feeling of rest and peace where I’d left it the last time.

Moreover, I made lots of new discoveries! Two of my coffeeshop tips just opened a few weeks ago. More of what I’ve experienced will follow within the next days, when I’ve sorted my thoughts and pictures a bit more for you guys.




Let’s start directly with the beginning of my journey here. The first breakfast this time was at the Breakfast Club in Amsterdam West. It is located just next to De Hallen and nearby of one of my favourite Coffieshops Lot Sixty One. My friend and I ordered a granola with fruits (I haven’t had blueberries in ages, not to mention strawberries!) and avocado bread with a salad. It didn’t only look great, but it also tasted fabulous.








The Breakfast Club

Bellamystraat 2

1053 BL Amsterdam






After our breakfast we made a quick walk through de Hallen – I already covered this great project at an earlier time in my blog. New among the stores is a second Gathershop, which will unfortunately be the only one, given the second one in de Pijp will close it’s doors in November. Sadly, such changes apparently do belong to every city…

After marveling at the beautiful new store we had a coffee at Lot Sixty One and went further on our way.








The second tip is most definitely something for the coffee lovers among you. Since a few weeks and only a short walk away from The Breakfast Club (where you also pass Berry, which I’ve mentioned last summer) you can find the café MONKS Coffee Roasters. It was opened by a couple and he used to live for in Hamburg for a few years – believe me or not, but I felt that connection immediately! Behind the bar the focus lies on the coffee, which is incredibly tasteful! This won t change in the future, but they do look forward to the opening of the kitchen in the next months. They already do have a selection of cakes and sweets but with the opening of the kitchen they want to expand the breakfast and lunch offers. I’m looking forward to it and will come back for sure the next time I’m here.










Monks Coffee Roasters

Bilderdijkstraat 46

1052 NB Amsterdam






From here on you can cycle through the vivid streets to the city center along Prinsen- and Keizersgracht to our last destination of the day: the Cocotte. It also just opened a month ago but business is already running well. The staff is wearing striped shirts and with a wide smile, serves you all kinds of different crepes from the open kitchen. There is definitely a flavor for everybody’s taste! Maybe you already thought that behind Cocotte acts a Frenchman. I can assure you that it reminded me of my time in Paris this summer. It’s the perfect mix of Parisian love for details and the relaxing vibes and good mood of Amsterdam.
















Cocotte by Hexagone

Spuistraat 127
1012 SV Amsterdam



You can find all of my Amsterdam tips on a convenient map here.