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At the beginning of the year I’ve began a series in my blog about Amsterdam. In my last blog post about the Dutch capital city, i made some recommendations for the district De Pijp and announced that I will soon do a second one about it. Like so many other things in life, the word “soon” turned into three months. The time between now and then flourished and while looking at the pictures from back then, I felt a lot of wanderlust.

For a lot of people summertime is travel time. By chance you are maybe right now planning a trip to the Dutch capital city and I can satisfy you with my new tips for De Pijp. Next weekend, (this time seriously) I will complete my guide for you with all the tips and a convenient map in the proven Fräulein Anker Tradition.

In case you are planning a trip to Stockholm, Berlin, Dresden, Munich or to the Lake Garda, you can find many other tips in the category “travel”.


Amsterdam Conceptstore De Pijp Urban



At this place you can find a diverse mix of coffee shop, co-working spaces and a barber. This is also what the name indicates in dutch: “Hutspot” in particular means “mishmash”. Directly next to the creative co-working space for freelancers there is a bar. Perfectly suited for an after work drink.

Hutspot Amsterdam De Pijp Workplace Coffeelover


Van Woustraat 4
1073LL Amsterdam


Sarphatipark Amsterdam Guide Street De Pijp


De Pijp Amsterdam Gathershop allthings by femme



Further down the Van Woustraat was a wonderful place to go for design and stationery lovers – it now has been moved to De Hallen (see this blogpost). Whether you are looking for jewelry, cards or other beautiful things, I am sure you can find there a lot of souvenirs to bring home to your loved ones or for yourself. And who knows, maybe you will discover a new favourite label. I felt especially drawn to the creative collective allthings.byfemme. Since then I am almost daily delighted about their Instagram feeds with new pictures from Amsterdam and their typo art.



De Pijp Amsterdam Gathershop cosy place


De Pijp Amsterdam Gathershop paris allthings by femme



— has been moved to De Hallen —


Oui Oui Cherie, Saphatipark, anna + Nina De Pijp


Lots of other nice stores are located in the Gerard Doustraat. In particular I liked the concept stores Anna + Nina and Felice. They are only a few steps away from each other.


Trust Amsterdam De Pijp Pay as you feel Heathpainting water with fresh fruits



In case you got hungry after shopping, I have a special recommendation for you. A concept of a coffee shop, that I have not experienced before. The coffee shop is located in the Albert Cuypstraat and their motto is: “Pay as you feel.” A really nice concept to discover. They also have really good pancakes!


Trust Amsterdam De Pijp Pay as you feel Heathpainting


Trust Amsterdam De Pijp Pay as you feel yummy Breakfast Bananapancakes


Trust Amsterdam



Trust Amsterdam De Pijp We cannot change anything unless we accept it

Albert Cuypstraat 210
1073 Amsterdam


Amsterdam Yay Coffee Yoga Yummy Raw


My last tip for today is called “YAY” and it’s a coffee shop with a store in it and a Yoga studio. If you have a fascination for “the healthy lifestyle” and you want to try Yoga, then this is definitely the place to go. They have an offer for 15 euros that I definitely wanted to try: One hour of yoga, including breakfast (with coffee!), which was an irresistible offer. The lesson was great. The breakfast needed some adaption from my side, because it was raw and vegan, but I will definitely go there again on my next trip to Amsterdam.

In this sense, “ohmmm” and I wish you a lovely time in Amsterdam!


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