“If you compare Sydney and Melbourne, then Sydney is heaven and Melbourne is hell – but in a good way.” That’s what a Danish woman had said to me at the beach of Bondi (Sydney). After a curious look of me and a laugh from her, she added “It reminded me a litte bit of Berlin.” Now, my time in the young art metropolis, known worldwide for its excellent coffee culture, lies in the past, and I know exactly what my beach-encounter meant.

From the good hell I have brought, for all who want to test the comparison, today a Melbourne guide. If you are planning a trip to the metropolis, I would also like to suggest my blogposts to the hip districts Fitzroy and Collingwood, including a lot of stores, cafés and gallery recommendations, as well as the report about my favorite café in Melbourne: the Plug Nickel. At the end of this post, there is a map with all the tips in the overview.




But before you start to read my last café recommendations for the birthplace of the Flat Whites, I would like to answer a frequently asked question: Melbourne or Sydney, which city I like more?

Sydney surprised me, really, and I would immediately would go back for a journey  here. But Melbourne … With Melbourne it was like love at the first, well, second look! For this city I could imagine to book a one way ticket. I had exciting encounters there, e.g. with the artist Gaston or the photographer Tim. And I’ve explored a lot of inspiring places. From the coffee I do not even want to begin – it is simply not comparable with the German standard and the coffeescene is still much bigger than the one in Sydney. So the answer to the question is clear: Melbourne!

And because I liked it so much in Melbourne, I also filmed my first travel video there – that is now online. Have fun when watching and feel free to comment me your opinion. Maybe there will be more moving picture here in the future!


But now to my guide: If you want to explore the special coffee scene in Melbourne, you should not skip the following tips.




Before my departure in Down Under I visited here in Hamburg a small concert, in the cafe of a friend (the Tornqvist) and I met there an Australian musician. As a tip for my trip, he recommended me the Little Rogue and asked me to greet the guys there. A few weeks later I finally got there. Right in the center of Melbourne in a side street in front of a blue door, next to which a disproportionately big cat stuck at the wall.




In the looded by light spot played some Hiphop and two Asians stood behind the counter. After I had arranged the greetings (Joseph, if you read this: I should greet back!) I ordered here a Flat Whtie and a banana bread. Afterwards I made my way to a place at the window.




The windows of the little café called Little Rogue are full of plant drains and have had my fascination since entering the blue door.




My conclusion: Breakfast is not available here, but I really liked the coffee and the atmosphere. The banana bread was also great and the idea with the many plants I would like to imitate immediately!



Little Rogue

12 Drewery Ln

Melbourne VIC 3000


Melbourne Guide Travelblog journey




“Standing Room Only”, on the other hand, warned you when you enter Patricia Coffee Brewers. A café with its own shop floor, which has no seats? I could not imagine that, but you can find this kind of café actually here in Melbourne (apart from the few twisted drinks boxes in front of the black-painted exterior wall of the shop).




Friendly it is nevertheless there and the baristas behind the long bar know exactly what they do. They conjure from the beans of the small batch roastery and from changing guest roasters high class specialty coffee in the middle of the district, in which it is teeming with suitcases. In addition, there are some goodies at Patricia, e.g. The croissants from the manufactory Lune.





Patricia Coffee Brewers

Little Bourke St & Little William St

Melbourne VIC 3000






Street Art is, in addition to coffee, another flag ship of Melbournes. But it’s not everywhere allowed in the city – even if you get the impression here quickly. Especially in the small side streets (“lanes”) you can discover an infinite number of small and large urban works of art.




With the Hoiser Lane in Melbourne, however, there is also an area where urban art is legal. A visit here is just a shot of a moment, because Hoiser Lane is always changing. But it is worth it in my opinion very much to look over here, if you are in the city! You will not be disappointed of the many creative graffitis, murals and other kind of art.




Loiser Fanny Devert Artwork Hosier Lane




Over three years ago, I posted a photo of my Stockholm-Pinterestboard with the words “We love to make coffee for the city that loves to drink it.” After some research I realized that the picture actually was taken in Melbourne and pinnt it around. It may sounds crazy, but this photo with the beautiful sentence was not entirely innocent of my desire to travel to the other side of the world.




The windows on which they are stuck are part of Market Lane Coffee, which originated in a small café, around the corner of the famous Victoria market. When I finally entered the cafe during my trip and realized that one of my favorite bands – Oh Wonder from London – was playing in the little shop, I was just incredibly happy.





Market Lane Coffee

109/111 Therry St

Melbourne VIC 3000




Melbourne Brother Baba Budan Specialty Coffee


And so we have already arrived at my last tip, Brother Baba Budan. The café in the Little Bourke Street is from one of Melbourne’s most famous coffee breweries: Small Batch.




The many chairs that hang on the ceiling here are particularly impressive. But funnily there are not many seats on the floor itself. Really, there is just a single large table in the middle of the small area, as well as a few bar chairs at the counters. But it is still comfortable here and the coffee is great!



Brother Baba Budan

359 Little Bourke St

Melbourne VIC 3000





I hope you enjoyed these Melbourne tips. All the others from the blog and the previous five are also available here on a map: