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Do you belong to the people, that take pleasure in the small things in life? Do you like nice coffee places, pretty stores, or do you like buying products from labels, where you’ll get to know the person behind it? And do you love Hamburg and going on city trips?

If that is the case, then you have come to the right place! On my blog Fräulein Anker, I especially talk about the following subjects: Hamburg, Travel & Lifestyle

The person behind the blog is me, Harriet Dohmeyer, 21 years old, living and studying Marketing & Business Administration in Hamburg. I love travelling and discovering new things time and again in the perhaps most beautiful city of the world. Since 2013, Fräulein Anker has been a creative project of mine coming from my heart and I am very pleased, in case my blog has also found a way into yours. I am very happy to take you to a few more wonderful things, labels and places.

I also share the beautiful things in life regularly on Instagram and Facebook with you!

Do you have questions or comments? Please let me know.

Fräulein Anker somewhere else

Fräulein Anker at MOKA Nr. 1 2016 about Hamburg Tips. Download here.

Fräulein Anker at MOKA Nr. 3 2016 about Berlin Tips. Download here.

Hello and welcome!

This blog is getting translated bit by bit into English over the course of the next month. So check in from time to time in order to read the new blogposts and follow me on Facebook or Instagram for updates!
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