“Fräulein Anker” is a personal blog about Hamburg and travelling, that wants to share the small and big discoveries in life with its readers. Whether it is a cosy coffee place in Hamburg’s Schanze district or a special concept store in Amsterdam, I am certain you will find a tip for a place, which you have never heard of before. More importantly, Fräulein Anker puts special emphasis on the persons behind the countless coffee spots, stores and projects. Since May 2016, you can find some of their stories in the category “Having a coffee with”, which combines my interest in good coffee with my curiosity about the people behind a particular project.

You can read more about Harriet Dohmeyer, the person behind Fräulein Anker, here.

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This blog is getting translated bit by bit into English over the course of the next month. So check in from time to time in order to read the new blogposts and follow me on Facebook or Instagram for updates!
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